Monday, October 03, 2011

Off the beaten path to Spring Water near Rimbey

I decided to finally take the opportunity to find the spring water near Rimbey. After my cyclocross races in Calgary, I drove through Cochrane up Hwy 22 north. Hwy 22 doglegs through little towns. With the brilliant fall colours I missed a dogleg turn. The road was getting twistier and hillier as the scenery became more spectacular - my clues I was no longer bound for the prairie land.

Without a map, I managed to take two right hand turns and a dogleg to eventually connect with Hwy 22. I definitely want to check that area NW of Sundre by Bearberry another time on my road bike - spectacular!

From Hwy 22, take Hwy 53 east 14 km to the Open Creek Dam Campground turnoff (south), the sign for the spring is faint with an arrow pointing east. The spring is 100m away covered by a cistern and flowing out of a pipe. It was awesome to find it!

I filled up my many glass jugs and every container I had with me gathering over 6 gallons.

Drive from the spring back to Edmonton was 175 km and about 1 1/2 hours.

Spring turnoff is 31 km west of Rimbey at the Open Creek Dam Campground sign.

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