Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cross for Kids - the shadow race!

Cool temperatures broke for the women's race with the sun poking out making it perfect! With an uphill start, I strolled at an endurance "fast" pace to try to catch up to Katy who went by like a blazing bullet. Shantel was close behind. I was able to keep my eye on Katy's skillful riding through the technical corners.
Off the start... Katy's lead after starting behind me! - photo R.Haskell
I rode part way then ran through the rest of the deep sandpit while watching Katy power through it. With a long paved road climb ahead I bridged the gap and stuck like glue to Katy. That hillclimb was my saving grace to keep up to her. It was ultra fun to follow her swoops around the corners.
sand power - photo Steve Walsh
Next sandpit, I relaxed and let the bike float thru halfway and managed to bounce my way thru the rest of it. That made up time and kept me within shadowing distance of Katy.

Katy's Shadow! - photo Masa Higuchi
The loops were short and fast so it wasn't a shock when we had 5 laps to go after already completing 3 laps. Courses tend to be around 5 laps for the 40 min timed event.

focus - photo Masa Higuchi
Lost sight of Shantel. She rode a lap with a pinch flat losing quite a few spots, then worked her way back up to 4th. After a wicked Dark Knight race duking the men, it would have been interesting to have Kate in the race.
Steep pitch - photo R.Haskell
Second last sandpit, I bumbled in a rut and had to run 2/3 of the way. I was gapped, bummer. I worked the hillclimb and bridged a little, not enough to make it more of an exciting finish.

cool shot by Ian Watts
marg katy sarah shantel - photo Noah Walt
It was awesome to get to race so closely. I learned alot watching Katy. Chatting at the finish line, it was awesome for Katy to share her tips with Alana and myself. Something about going for free hugs and marshmallows!


Jason R. said...

Hey Marg,

Where was that cool cross race.....looks super gruelling!

What a year you are many great events and places to train and race!!!

Have a great pre-ski season!


Marg Fedyna said...

Jason, see you on the ski trails! That race was at COP in the little area by the bobsled track. Always a climb and good descents. Fun course for a climber!