Wednesday, October 17, 2012

California Food Findings

I love checking out the local Farmer's Markets. Bonus is seeing produce growing that I don't get to see at home, especially on my rides. A few of my findings on my Cali trip...

My Food Bounty!!! Left to right... 
Hachiya Persimmons (from ConnieSue's where I couchsurfed in Escondido)
Fuyu Persimmons (from Farmer's Market)
Pomegranate (from mountain bike friend Mario's tree)
locally grown red coffee bean (barely seen in lower pic )
grapes (from central CA)
green apple guavas (had some at Barbara's agility dog haven)
avocado (just plucked ripe off the tree)
FIGS! (ate so many of these fresh),
unique green leaves (forgot name) 
caviar limes (super cool, super expensive)
Surinam Cherry (look like baby tomatoes, taste tart and fruity)
local Dragon Fruit (usually grown in Thailand)
Avocado Blossom Honey (bold though unique taste)
Orange Blossom Honey (tastes so amazingly like orange candy)
fresh Pistachio nuts (still in their plant pod just picked!)
15-lb organic black-seeded watermelon for $4 (wicked deal)
huge yellow lemon (from high school friend Patty's backyard -missing in pic)
Passion Fruit! (missing as I ate them)

On-route Hwy 76 to Ramona, pomegranate trees!

On my mountain ride, passing through Santa Ysabel and the famous Julian Pie Company

Fresh apple cider and apple pie sweetened only with apple cider. Not raw though willing to partake after a long hot ride. Not saying that's my hand with the fork!

Ojai Farmer's Market - just happened to be on a road ride that passed through town. A few novel items like Pine Needle Juice and the freshest dates I'd ever tasted, though I was dismayed at the escalated prices as it is an artsy tourist town
Annual hike up to Belly Ache Spring for spring water, 
15 miles north of Ojai

Thrilled that Mario pointed out figs growing on trees on our mountain bike ride in Trabuco Canyon in Orange County. Bummer that the figs were green and unripe. 

Coolest produce and variety I'd ever seen at Good Land Organics at the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

Les' daughter Naomi helped make a California Raw Snowman with his son Ken making the cool cucumber hat

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