Monday, October 15, 2012

Palomar Spring Water

Since 1998, I have cycled up the 5000' ascent to the top of Palomar Mountain (South Grade Rd) almost every year whenever I was in SoCal (Southern California).

On the last corner 600m from the top, there was an Artesian spring that we would occasionally go down to fill up our water bottles from the faucets.

Old rock fence possibly from the late 1930's with user faucet access
photo from SmorgZone. Includes his info on a San Diego Gran Fondo training ride.

A few years later, the faucets were closed off so we just grabbed water from the store at the top.

At a raw food talk in 2009, I heard David Wolfe mention that he still got his spring water from Palomar Mountain. A person from the audience said the faucets were closed off. David said to just walk around the fence and go straight to the source of the spring - duh, funny I never thought of that.

teeny trickle from the small pipe. Hmmm... where does that large pipe go???
What is sad is that this use to be a huge spring source. Now, a spring water company pipes it away to sell it. Fortunately, they left a trickle for people like me. Takes awhile to fill up with the slow flow though well worth it.

video of a guy and gal gathering spring water at Palomar

When a trip to Palomar was too far, I checked out the more accessible local water source at Carlsbad Alkaline water taps for 50 cents a gallon. 

Apparently, "the water comes from an aquifer that drains naturally from the Cleveland National Forest at 500-1700 feet below the surface".

The water was ok, did not have that great "feel" as when tasting water from a spring coming direct from their spring source. 

I was surprised to find the water out of these taps at a warm temperature as most springs I've been at have been quite cool in temperature. 

I'd preferably make the trip to Palomar whenever I'm on-route there.

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