Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another October in California

After all the mileage and elevation climbs at both Haute Route races in Europe this summer, I still had the desire to climb a little more before x-c ski season.
Long drive from Calgary to Filmore, UT on my birthday, stopping at one of my favourite springs in North Ogden, Utah

Made the 3,000 km drive down and stayed in a few awesome couchsurfing spots on-route. It amazes me to continually find good people to stay with on the site that feel like age-old friends!

My endless pursuit to visit all the yummy fruits on their trees - my first freshly picked Avocado - super excited!

My couchsurf friends found a pomegranate tree in a neighbour's yard while they were dog-walking. They told the owner that a Canadian was staying with them that had never seen a pom tree before. We were given permission to pick the rest of the poms.
WOW, these were the best, most ripe poms I have ever tasted!!

Missed out on the persimmons tree - next year!

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