Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Cross Summary

RED DEER Riverbender Cross - Oct 12, 2013

Super nice weather with the course running reverse direction to previous years. Made the sandpit rideable.

Shantel nicely taking the holeshot - photo Bill Quinney
Chasing Shantel and Andrea on the gravel road before the trail in the trees. Awesome fall colours! - photo Bill Quinney
Thanks to the local cyclists who are awesome photographers, we get our hands on pro shotz - photo Bill Quinney
Shantel, Andrea, Marg - happy!

Jim Horner Cyclocross - Oct 13, 2013

Course at the park near the Velodrome was zippier with more twists. I could not master the hillclimb with the log jump at the base, though was wowed to see Shantel, Pepper and Andrea power up the climb.

Mini-mights, Marg and Sidney, had to push up the power climb hill - photo Paul Crocombe

Devon weekend of racing -
Lion's Den Cross - Oct 18, 2013
Puncheur Cross - Oct 19, 2013

awesome B&W - photo Brent Topilko
Cool retro shot - photo Brent Topilko

women with cupcakes - photo Chris Hubick
guys zipping through river section at Puncheur Cross

fun swooping corners, Sidney hot on my heels - photo Chris Hubick
Battle of the Mini-Mights -  photo Chris Hubick
Aaron Falkenberg's depiction of the Devon Cross weekend.
Love the shot of Shantel still powering up the steep climb

running works best for me in the sandpit - photo Aaron Falkenberg

another Falkenberg shot! Super colours

oldie with youngster - both in Open! - photo Chris Hubick

lucky car gets the WestJet maintenance treatment from fellow cross racer Janet Liu
Now, off to California!

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